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Payments Review
Paymentology’s Martin Heraghty explores how the lending landscape is changing and what this means for consumers.
ARYZE’s Jack Nikogosian discusses how private sector stablecoin initiatives could be the key to stability and innovation in the current financial system.
Lucinity’s Francisco Mainez outlines how technology can help businesses prepare and comply with the new rules, which are due to come into force in July.
Spring 2023
With myths on digital currencies being a threat to financial freedom dominating social media, Dominika Duziak, of OneStep Financial, explains why government must address this narrative and discuss its advantages.
Spring 2023
Phil Mochan from Nomos Digital examines how cross-border payments is closely intertwined with cross-border liquidity and the challenges this poses for implementing CBDCs.
Mastercard is set to rollout Mastercom Collaboration in early 2023, an enhanced version of its current platform that enables merchants and acquirers to settle payment disputes before it becomes a formal chargeback.
Winter 2023
From a once ‘poor man’s card’ to paving the way for a new way to earn, Richard Ney examines how prepaid products are being used to underpin some of the slickest payment solutions and user experiences.
Winter 2023
Spencer Hanlan explores how the speed and efficiency of payments, particularly cross-border, could drive innovation to offset inflation. He sets out his top three predictions of 2023.
Winter 2023
The payments world is sprinting to comply with the ISO 20022 messaging standards. Beyond the compliance lies the transformational value that could be derived by utilising the rich message format.
Embedded finance is the future of fintech innovation that will benefit all businesses and retailers seeking to remove common barriers to cryptocurrency access, offer various payment methods and enable a better customer experience.