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Contis gets active for #WorldMentalHealthDay

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time. Which is why it’s so important to nurture a culture where your mental health comes first.

For #WorldMentalHealthDay Contis launched a week of activities to boost wellbeing and raise money for Mind Charity.

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Digital Currency: Is Regulation The Key To Success?

Even though it is hard to put a figure on the potential scale of virtual currency misuse, given the size of the market, it is no real surprise over the concern that unregulated systems could offer the anonymity needed for criminals to use virtual assets to launder their profits. At that point, regulators were duty bound to step in and the EU’s Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) now means that virtual currency exchanges and custodian wallet providers are subject to the same regulatory requirements as other financial services covered by the preceding 4th directive.

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Miracle on the high street: Local loyalty to keep small business hopes afloat

Three in four shoppers (76%) admit local high streets need support while four in five (80%) are shopping with local small businesses as much or more frequently since lockdown lifted, both in person and online
Despite this support, the next three months are crucial to the survival of two fifths (42%) of small businesses
Visa has partnered with grassroots initiative Totally Locally to sponsor Fiver Fest from 10th – 24th October and together they are calling on consumers to divert £5 of their weekly spend to support local businesses in store or online

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Visa partners with LoyalBe to deliver loyalty solutions in Ireland

Small businesses undoubtedly play a significant role in communities across Ireland but they have also been some of the hardest hit by the negative impact of Covid-19. Insights from the “Visa Back to Business” study have revealed that almost 1 in 5 Irish small to medium enterprises (SMEs) believe that their future viability is at risk due to the commercial impact of COVID-19. Despite these concerns, the study also revealed that consumers across Ireland do really value independent businesses in their community with 63%1 of consumers admitting to wanting to support small businesses.

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A deckless virtual payments experience like no other 

Coming soon: We’re arranging a star-studded line up of industry greats, we’re concocting carefully crafted content and we’re sourcing superb swag.

For one afternoon only, receive a generous dose of high value payments entertainment. For CTOs, COOs, CFOs, Product Managers. If you like payments, this is what you should be doing on an early December afternoon.

No decks. No awful webinar platforms. Just pure payments discussion. The theme this year: Where’s the hidden cost in payments?

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How do FIs migrate to ISO 20022, hit deadlines and create opportunities?

ISO 20022 is the globally accepted format that improves the quality and structure of financial messages, provides rich data with each transaction, enabling everything from enhanced analytics to status tracking, sanction checking and automated invoice reconciliation – all whilst delivering an improved experience for end customers.
However, many banks and financial institutions have underestimated the complexity of the necessary changes of the migration as the transition isn’t just a simple upgrade of process. Existing infrastructure and legacy systems are not sophisticated enough to deal with the speed of integration and transition required.

Read this article to find out more

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The evolution of UK Faster Payments: creating a level playing field for smaller financial institutions

In this blog we discuss how Indirect Agency represents a real opportunity for previously excluded financial institutions. By offering real-time payments without compromising on speed, spend, performance and resources, it builds their customer base and challenges traditional players in the market. Making real-time payments accessible to everyone increases competition. It allows smaller banks and companies to enjoy the 24×7 faster payment rails for account-to-account payments. This access is made possible by using API Connectivity, which enables all users to send and receive money instantly through any digital channel.

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Payments AssociationM Continuum 2020 Consumer Banking Report

Payments AssociationM’s latest Consumer Banking research uncovered five audience segments based on key behaviour patterns and summarises the motivations, attitudes, needs and expectations for each segmen.t These research insights will help the banking industry better understand the evolving needs of their customers and how to better serve them.

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Fintech: The History and Future of Financial Technology

Financial technology (fintech) has been visibly evolving in front of our eyes ever since banks went online. With an increasingly cashless society, apps and platforms have been created to help us better understand and manage our finances, while new banks have been created that offer us a slicker experience.

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What is The Easiest Way to Build a 21st Century Digital Bank?





Have you ever wondered what makes a bank a 21st century bank? A small hint; it isn’t the ginormous rigid and extremely expensive mainframes, it isn’t the systems that have to shut down every night for maintenance, and it definitely isn’t the glued-by-hope hollowed out cores.

The list can go on and on. What a good 21st century bank needs is security, scalability, flexibility, availability, and adaptability. So, where do you get it all, nicely packed and with a bow on top at a low cost?

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COVID19: E-commerce Nightmares & Surprises Series

At Cybertonica we Trust in Transaction. We make systems to make trust and frictionless commerce safe and secure for businesses and consumers. We know that outdated rules and operations occasionally introduce almost Kafka-like situations and thought it would help us to see the end customer and merchant point of view.

So we decided to collect stories from the people in our network and customers as well as their clients telling us how their e-commerce is going in this period – both the nightmares and the nice surprises.

We asked them to tell us about their online shopping experiences during the lockdown to paint a vivid picture for the merchants. From surprise champagne deliveries to account takeovers, we have some good stories lined up for you!

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PPS Powers Vybe, The fintech for Generation Z

Today, PPS is announcing its partnership with France-based payment expert and card provider for teenagers, Vybe.

Due to the systems in place across France when it comes to banking and owning your own account, around five million teenagers (between 13 to 18 years old) have been left with no access to financial services.

This is a problem that Vybe aims to solve and is working with PPS to make it happen, thanks to the company’s well-tested technology infrastructure and PPS-powered Mastercard virtual cards.

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How the current landscape can help Financial Institutions to grow

It is expected that the volume of #InternationalPayments will grow in the upcoming years. However, those #FinancialInstitutions that do not adapt to the changes in the current landscape may miss this opportunity against the big players. How to be prepared? Our Karen Penney, VP of Payment Products, shares her views.

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Entersekt and ndgit partner on secure open banking

Entersekt, a leader in device identity and omnichannel authentication, has announced a strategic partnership with ndgit, a Munich-headquartered open banking platform provider. The agreement makes Entersekt’s state-of-the-art strong customer authentication and smart messaging solutions available on the ndgit Marketplace, where financial services providers can access a carefully curated set of fintech products in a secure hosting environment.

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Lets not let COVID steal Christmas 2020!!

For Good Causes clients are taking the fight back to COVID-19, with an alternative approach to celebrating Christmas 2020.

Steve Wilks describes a campaign that means companies can feel good about Christmas, and feel good about helping others feel better about it too.

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Two Future Digital Awards for Banking Circle

Following a record number of applications, Banking Circle has been awarded two prestigious awards in the 2020 Juniper Research Future Digital Awards. The innovative financial infrastructure provider was awarded the Lending Platform Platinum Award for Banking Circle Lending, and a Gold Award for Banking Platform Innovation.

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How we managed to build payment installment capability into Twisto in a record time

Sometimes a fintech company needs to build a new critical feature under time pressure, which can become a very stressful moment for the CTO and Head of Delivery. Thanks to their current development velocity and estimation of the work, they know there is no physical way to build that feature with the capacity they have available. Maybe if they push their developers to the brink of exhaustion, they might be able to do this. This shouldn’t be the way to achieve goals, but rather only to deal with emergencies.

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