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Bitcoin Lightning as a payment rail

How businesses can accept bitcoin without accepting bitcoin.

Big data sharing: Navigating the regulation minefield

Should payment firms be limited in how they reuse data or are the laws based on GDPR sufficient?

Done right, digital IDs can open more markets to competition

Financial columnist Matthew Lynn discusses how digital IDs could open up market competition.

Interview: Changing the relationship between banks and fintechs with Dan Baker

Self-proclaimed payments geek, Dan Baker, head of payment rails product at J.P. Morgan, speaks to The Payments Association’s Kate McKenzie about the evolving payments landscape.

Developing regulation poses problems for smaller payments players

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, is innovation at risk in the fintech space?

Spotlight: ‘One of the sexy things about payments is a lot of it is in the principle’

Luke Cutajar, director of customer success at Ripple, fell into the payments sector 17 years ago after landing a role at American Express when he left university in Brighton. Specialising in foreign exchange services initially, Luke speaks to The Payment Association’s editor Jyoti Rambhai about building his payments career.

Firms must change their culture and behaviour to comply with Consumer Duty rules

The UK’s financial watchdog has warned that e-money firms must undertake a “significant shift in culture and behaviour” if it is to comply with the new Consumer Duty rules, due to come into force in July.

Digital currencies could be in the near future

The Payments Association’s Riccardo Tordera and Robert Courtneidge examine what the latest government consultations could mean for the UK payments sector.

How proposed UK regulation could impact cryptocurrency businesses

With the UK government launching a second phase consultation on the future of cryptoassets, Max Savoie and Martin Dowdall of Sidley Austin examine what this means for firms.

Let’s fix the gender diversity problem in the fintech sector

How the 2023 recession is set to look different than the pandemic slump

With decreased payment volumes and increased risks of market consolidation, The Payment Association examines how a recession could reshape the industry.

How biometrics could create a seamless customer journey

With Apple and Google already laying the foundations for biometric acceptance, the drive behind its adoption now comes from consumer demand for fast, secure and accurate ways to pay.

CBDC: Threat or opportunity?

With myths on digital currencies being a threat to financial freedom dominating social media, Dominika Duziak, of OneStep Financial, explains why government must address this narrative and discuss its advantages.

I (nearly) got scammed – this is Rowenna’s story

How Gen Z’s payment habits will shape tomorrow’s payment trends

Are CBDCs the solution for cross-border payments?

Phil Mochan from Nomos Digital examines how cross-border payments is closely intertwined with cross-border liquidity and the challenges this poses for implementing CBDCs.