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Payments regulation in 2024: A year of evolution

The UK and EU payments sectors continued to draw increasing regulatory scrutiny throughout 2023. Indeed, the need to deliver compliance with new regimes, such as the consumer duty in the UK, required a great deal of firm’s attention and resources throughout the year.

How the UK is shooting itself in the foot over crypto

In recent years, the UK has been keen on positioning itself as a global crypto asset hub, however it’s currently facing critical obstacles which are hindering its effort.

Could BRICS countries introduce their own currency for international trade?

While there is efforts by the BRICS countries to reduce their dependency on the US dollar as the global reserve, experts cast doubt whether the process of de-dollarisation could actually be help ease payment friction.

Ethical credit: Financing a sustainable future 

Christien Ackroyd explains how the ethical grade concept works, covering best practices, benefits, and which banks are getting it right.

What an atomic settlements boom could mean for the payments industry

As the UK continues to try and place itself as a leader in the payments industry and fintech, maintaining a degree of pace, security and efficiency must remain a priority.

2024: A pivotal year for the global economy and finance industry

In Britain, 13 years of Conservative government will come to an end. The US will face its most divisive, and potentially destabilising presidential election in decades. Markets will find out whether central banks have managed to control inflation and normalise interest rates, or whether a replay of the monetary turmoil of the 1970s and 1980s is on the horizon.

UK Big Bang 2.0: Will it happen in 2024?

The UK holds a strong position in the rapidly developing fintech and digital payments world, but experts are divided over whether this will lead to a major breakthrough next year.

Tackling APP fraud: An industry at a crossroads

Authorised push payment (APP) fraud has been steadily climbing the charts of global payment frauds with nearly £240m lost to UK consumers and businesses in the first six months of 2023.

SPOTLIGHT: ‘A true product person is curious and pushes for challenges’

Born in New Zealand, trained lawyer Cheyenne Datuin speaks to Payments Review about how she got into the payments industry and why London is an attractive city for working in fintech.

Financial Crime 360: How the industry came together to combat fraud

The Payments Association’s annual Financial Crime 360 conference took place at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on Tuesday, 21 November. Hundreds of industry professionals from across the payments industry heard from some of the sector’s most important voices on the ever-present issue of financial crime and its solutions.

How fintechs can supercharge sustainability and gain consumer trust

It’s not easy being green, especially when environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations are mounting amid an uncertain economic picture. But businesses can no longer ignore the voices of consumers worldwide who are demanding immediate and impactful climate actions – and this is where fintechs have a vital role to play.

How augmented reality is shaking up ecommerce

Monica Eaton explores how augmented reality is used in the marketplace and what impact it might have on the payments industry.

PSD1, PSD2, PSD3: 15 years of EU legislation in a nutshell

This article was originally published by leading bank orchestration platform Numeral and recently featured in the Payments:Unpacked newsletter from Mike Chambers – subscribe for free at: www.payments-unpacked.com.

What is unified commerce?

Daniel Holden explains the meaning and significance of unified commerce and why it is vital to the customer experience.