Welcome to the fourth edition of Payments Review, your source of analysis and insight on payments trends.

Merchants need to up their chargeback game to reduce revenue loss

Chargebacks are a pain point for merchants which can sap revenue, cause reputational damage and in extreme cases lead to the loss of processing privilege. Yet their existence underpins consumers’ confidence in using their cards, providing recourse against fraud and unscrupulous sellers.

How well protected are consumers who buy now pay later?

With uncertainty over the future of regulating BNPL products, Payments Review examined the current status, the impact of any legislation and what protection three of the UK’s largest providers have in place.

How the Bank of England’s renewed RTGS system could change the payments landscape

With the recent release of the Bank of England’s consultation paper on its roadmap for real-time gross settlement service beyond 2024, Payments Review examines the potential new features in store and the challenges in implementing them.

AI can finally break-up the finance industry’s monopolies

It will make millions of us redundant. It will turn whole industries upside down. It might even lead to the obliteration of humanity, and its replacement with something smarter and more civilised.

What the Farage Coutts scandal means for the banking sector

After an embarrassing scandal which saw Coutts CEO Peter Flavel and NatWest boss Alison Rose both leave their positions over the closure of Nigel Farage’s bank account, the UK banking sector may now be forced to react.

Here’s how to create a world-leading payments industry in the UK

Companies spend £125 billion each year enabling people to pay and get paid securely, quickly and conveniently. The UK’s payment sector employs over 100,000 people from more than 500 companies.

Spotlight: ‘Payments must make a nuanced effort towards gender diversity’

From working in different countries to tackling the sector’s diversity problem, Sundeep Kaur, regional leader for global financial services at AWS, speaks to Jyoti Rambhai about the trends and challenges in payments.

First-party fraud: Why it is the hardest to prove

Payment security: Why anti-virus and firewalls are essential

Answer Pay’s Peter Cornforth examines the significance of Request to Pay alongside CoP, highlighting their combined role in meeting regulatory demands and fortifying payment security.

When two vibrant technology sectors collide

How can fintechs get the customer experience right?

Conversational commerce: What AI means for online retail

Chargebacks911’s Monica Eaton examines five ways how businesses can utilise bots and new technology to drive sales online.