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Interview with Anastasia Tenca, COO Noda Pay

Noda was launched in a private beta mode in Summer 2021. Company’s core area is Open Banking solutions for online services. Noda focuses on direct communication with online merchants, and instantly searches for new ways to apply Open Banking technologies in different fields to help e-commerce businesses grow and evolve. During the first year, we grew the team from 5 to 20 people, contracted with the first few merchants and polished the technologies and processes. As we see the increasing demand and specter of possible Open Banking applicability, we keep growing the muscles on product and sales expertise, with a high attention to both merchants and end-users online experience. For the moment, we quite fully covered our UK and European connections. So we are currently active in two areas:

Expanding the geography of connections – this year we plan to connect to the banks in Canada, Australia, and ASEAN countries. Next year, as soon as local banks are ready – USA, Latin America, Africa

Optimization of “Sign in via Bank” functionality – we are actively exploring technological and legal opportunities to increase the value of the service for merchants by providing them with the functions of benchmarking potential customers based on financial information. This will allow us to offer the most relevant products and services in the future, and optimize the Customer Experience for end-users.

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The Future of Fintech: A Fireside Chat with David Birch and Alex Preece

Tillo CEO Alex Preece recently sat down with fintech expert David Birch for an exclusive interview.

They covered a wide range of trends – from crypto to NFTs, BNPL, open banking and beyond!

Give it a listen to uncover the most interesting trends on the strategic horizon, understand the role of loyalty, and find out how the way you pay for your shopping may soon change.

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Global payments publication Green sheet interviews Kani on Advanced Automation

Interview by Global and US publication, Green Sheet.

Holmes went on to say that Kani’s platform has reconciled more than €8 billion in processed payments volume while helping payment providers and fintechs organize data across multiple processor, card scheme and issuing relationships. It can be challenging to turn disparate data sources in varying formats and raw files into actionable reporting, he stated, adding that global privacy laws can also slow the process, and manual reports can take weeks to complete.

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Modulr Cards Week – Explore the latest in Cards

Hi there,

We are trying to promote our Cards Week on-demand content that we produce last December with experts such as Visa, TagNitecrest and Zumo and I was wondering if you could help us promote our landing page: https://landing.modulrfinance.com/cards-week-2022-mb

All details are above and I have attached 2 social images that you can use but please let me know if you have any question 😊

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An update on FCA delays

For February’s policy updates, the FCA’s Head of Banking, Payments and Insurance Department, Authorizations Division, Val Smith joins them to provide some updates on how the FCA is improving the speed at which they are able to assess the cases and what this means for firms in the queue. Val also elaborates on the reasons for these delays, the key issues that arise when assessing the applications using a risk-based approach, and what a prospective applicant firm needs to do to avoid authorisation delays.

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The Insights Interview with Mike Laven, CEO of Currencycloud

Our VIP guest for this month’s Insights Interview has over 25 years of experience in financial technology, initially starting out at the United Nations and then taking executive roles at a number of large venture-backed firms. Mike Laven, the CEO of Currencycloud speaks with Tony to share his entrepreneurial journey as well as some success secrets that all aspiring fintech entrepreneurs need to know.

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The delays of FCA authorisations with Alison Donnelly, Director of fscom

Senior Policy Manager Riccardo Tordera provides you with his December policy updates. Watch the discussion between Riccardo and Alison Donnelly, Director of fscom, lead of Project Regulator and recently awarded Industry Contributor of the year at the Emerging Payments Awards, on the severe and costly delays that payments and e-money institutions are experiencing on FCA authorisations.

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The role of crypto and stablecoins in payments, in brief with Chris Aruliah, Chief Product Officer of BCB Group and Josh Berle, Business Development Director at Mastercard

Our Senior Policy Manager Riccardo Tordera provides you with his November policy updates. Watch the discussion between Riccardo and Chris Aruliah, Chief Product Officer of BCB Group to find out more on the future of cryptocurrencies and his expert advice to those who want to get involved. Chris also touches on stablecoins and explains why this is a great area of the market to focus on particularly to make cross border payments faster and cheaper. Riccardo also speaks with Josh Berle, Business Development Director at Mastercard and Leader of Project Inclusion, to explore the potential of cryptocurrencies for inclusion especially in developing countries.

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The Insights Interview with Mark Barnett, President of Mastercard Europe

For this month’s interview, hear some exclusive insights from a top payments executive who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, an enviable track record of success and an inspiring work ethic where he commits to lead a business ‘focused on doing well, doing good and making people’s lives easier’ – President of Mastercard Europe, Mark Barnett.

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The Insights Interview with Bank of England’s Victoria Cleland

For this month’s Insights Interview, we are joined by an influential payments leader who is responsible for the operational and strategic development of the Bank of England system services, the wholesale banking operations as well as the Bank’s Fintech Hub – Executive Director for Banking, Payments and Innovation, Victoria Cleland.

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