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Payments Leaders Show: Adrian Evans interview’s Ben Agnew, CEO of The Payments Association

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The Payments Leaders Show features key insights and takeaways from the payments industry. Ben Agnew, CEO of The Payments Association, highlights the importance of having the desire to learn and being passionate about the industry’s impact on society. Unlike other sectors, payments require a collaborative approach. The Payments Association community is diverse, with various opinions, but they collaborate well for the greater good. An open mindset is crucial; competitors today could become partners or suppliers tomorrow.

The payments industry is constantly evolving at a breakneck pace, becoming more important even in political spheres, highlighting the importance of financial inclusion and not leaving anyone behind. There are many reasons why someone should enter the industry, including contributing to UK PLC’s growth and being at the forefront of innovation. Diversity is essential, not just demographic but also cognitive and thought diversity.

Ben also highlighted the positive influence of his curious children and the importance of having a growth mindset, where one can transform weaknesses into strengths. He also emphasised the importance of diligence, being prepared while taking risks and being ready to fail.