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April 2023 Policy Updates with Brunello Rosa

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In this month’s Policy Updates, Riccardo Tordera Ricchi, Head of Policy & Government Relations at The Payments Association, welcomes back Brunello Rosa, CEO and founder of Rosa & Roubini Associates, to discuss recent developments in the financial world, specifically the crisis triggered by the SVB situation in the US, and how similar crises can be avoided in the digital assets space.

They discuss the need for a foundation of trust in the digital assets environment, which the government can provide, specifically the central bank. They also discuss the timeline for adopting CBDC Stablecoins, mentioning the ongoing consultations in the UK and the need for urgency in their implementation.

Brunello Rosa emphasises the importance of coexistence between CBDCs and Stablecoins and other digital assets, including commercial bank money, and the need for a lender of last resort in the digital space, which will be the central bank.

Overall, this conversation provides valuable insights into digital assets’ current state and future.