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Lord Chris Holmes on Financial Inclusion, Fintech, and the Future of Payments at PAY360

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In this video live from PAY360, Polly Jean Harrison from The Fintech Times interviews Lord Chris Holmes at The Payments Association’s PAY360 event, sponsored by Mastercard.

Lord Holmes is a Member of Parliament who focuses on enabling people through fintech and new technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. They discuss the transition to a cashless society and the importance of making sure it is inclusive for everyone. 

Lord Holmes believes that digital finance and payments must be inclusive to be successful. He also talks about his work championing diversity and inclusion in Parliament and beyond, stressing the importance of inclusion and diversity in creating the best products and services.

Finally, Lord Holmes expresses his hope for the future of financial inclusion and accessibility, emphasising the need for financial literacy and digital literacy to empower everyone economically, socially, and humanly.