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Insights Podcast: A Journey into ESG with Charles Radclyffe, CEO of EthicsGrade & Charlie Bronks, Head of ESG, at Crown Agents Bank.

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This month’s ‘Insights’ podcast episode features Charles Radclyffe, the CEO of EthicsGrade and Charlie Bronks, Head of ESG for Crown Agents Bank.

They discuss the importance of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) in the payments industry and how more progressive policies and business-models can and must be implemented in 2023.

“ESG credentials are demanded in today’s market by your stakeholders and by your talent pool. Therefore, it can’t be a tickbox activity…its not optional, it’s not political. It makes business sense and is the right thing to do” says Charles.

The episode highlights the challenges of measuring ESG, how Charlie and Crown Agents Bank have gone on an ‘ESG journey’ and what the launch of The Payments Association’s Project ESG working group means for our members.

To get involved and join the waiting list, interested individuals can email Jay Bennett at jay.bennett@thepaymentsassociation.org to learn more about Project ESG.