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Insights Podcast – Data sharing to prevent Economic Crime

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Chryssi Chorafa, CEO and Founder of Starlix and Francisco Mainez, Financial Crime Lead at Lucinity, join Nick Fleetwood, Head of Data Services at Form3 to reflect on findings from The Payments Association’s report ‘Data Sharing to Prevent Economic Crime’. Thanks to Form3, benefactor to TPA’s Project Financial Crime.

You can download the whitepaper here.

The key questions answered

1. Why is data sharing so important in the context of combatting financial crime?

2. How does data sharing translate or impact at an operational level?

3. What is the role of data sharing standards and integration?

4. How will developments in Smart Data/OB support this?

5. Who are the stakeholders or key players and what would be your CTA to these stakeholders to make data sharing partnerships more effective?