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Payments Leaders: Adrian Evans talks to Tony Craddock of Director General Payments Association

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The Payments Leaders show, hosted by Adrian Evans features chats with handpicked leaders from the Payments industry. The guests share how they lead their people, how they create a winning and human-centred culture, and why they embrace the opportunities first – before they meet the challenges.

One of the greatest challenges Adrian has observed in the technology industry is – the rivalry and bent towards defensive protectionism. The win lose nature of one vendor versus another. Yet the culture I have observed in the Payments ecosystems is far more about partnership, collaboration and community. One of the most accomplished people Adrian has seen, first-hand, is Tony Craddock. Tony is the Director General of the Payments Association, which has a clear purpose: “To empower the most influential community in payments, where the connections, collaboration and learning shape an industry that works for all.”

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