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The Future of Payments: Flexibility, Regulation, and Bespoke Models

The payments sector has innovated and developed rapidly over the past few years, mostly to make existing processes as efficient and streamlined as possible. In the years leading up to the pandemic, the fintech boom saw the birth and development of many new digital technologies that sought to attract and gain customers – including the inception of By Now Pay Later (BNPL) models, advancements in cybersecurity, contactless payments, cross-border transactions, and more.

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The global fintech race

London, New York, and Silicon Valley are known as the top three biggest fintech hubs, globally. With the number of private high-growth UK fintech’s based in London alone continuing to steadily increase from 847 in July 2021, it’s easy to understand why the West is viewed as more technologically forward. For many years it has comfortably led the race when it comes to reaching peak financial technological advancements. 

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PXP Financial and DaoPay announce their long-term strategic partnership to deliver enhanced payment services across Europe

• Customers will benefit from an enhanced card acquiring service at launch, and an alternative payment method (APM) aggregation service throughout Europe later this year.
• For customers, this means getting all services related to acquiring – from accepting card payments or APMs to receiving money from a single source, as well as access to 100+ payment methods, including mobile and patented phone-based payment solutions.
• As a result, administrative efforts will be reduced to a minimum, and customers will benefit from greater flexibility and less friction in the payment process.
• The new joint solution will give customers access to acquiring service for greater flexibility and less friction in the payment process.

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Banking Circle ecosystem cuts environmental impact for its Money20/20 Europe stand

Building on the success of its first sustainable stand in 2021, a recycled and recyclable stand has been designed for the Banking Circle ecosystem at Money20/20 Europe. Featuring every part of the ecosystem – Banking Circle S.A., YouLend, Biller, SEPAexpress and B4B Payments, every element of the stand, except the lighting feature, has been created using recycled materials.

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SCA Standards & Regulations Across the Globe

SCA, or Strong Customer Authentication, is not a topic exclusive to the EU (or the PSD2, for that matter). Today, we can see it popping up in financial conversations across the globe. And even though global SCA regulations all share the same stigma of ‘expensive’ and ‘inconvenient’, the need to implement SCA and increase the security level of our authentication systems is as relevant and urgent as ever before. Read on to see what is brewing in the world of payment authentication across the US, Asia, Europe and the Nordics.

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New Marqeta research: How consumers are engaging with Lending 3.0

Last week during Money 20/20, we released our new report “Seeking out the alternatives: how consumers are engaging with the lending 3.0 landscape”, which details European consumer attitudes to and experiences of lending. We surveyed 2,000 European consumers, conducted in partnership with Propeller Insights, to learn about consumer preferences when it comes to lending.

Our report found that consumers are frustrated with the lending industry with 70% of consumers surveyed saying that the experience of getting a loan is a decade behind online banking. They also noted that they want more clarity from lenders, with 75% of respondents saying they “switch off” when prospective lenders use industry jargon and 80% believing that lenders try to obscure the final cost of a loan.

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Sumsub Partners With Orenda

Orenda Finance is always looking for ways to improve customer experience, which is why they’re thrilled to announce that they are continuing to expand Orenda’s thriving marketplace with yet another exciting partnership. Already trusted by over 1000 clients, Sumsub has partnered with Orenda as a KYC/KYB vendor to support the quick and seamless onboarding of end customers onto Orenda client’s programs and platforms.

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Global Processing Services names Cameron Cox as Chief Transformation Officer

• Cameron Cox has been appointed Chief Transformation Officer at Global Processing Services(GPS), the issuer processor behind Revolut, Starling and Curve.

• He was Head of Technology Transformation & Global Chief of Staff at Worldpay and will spearhead global strategic transformation at GPS, taking them through the next phase of accelerated growth.

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PPS Provides Real Time Payments for the Post Office

PPS has signed up to the Banking Framework offered by the Post Office Ltd that allows customers to deposit instantly using their existing Chip&PIN card.
Individuals and small businesses using PPS services can now deposit cash instantly to their accounts at 11,500 post offices across the United Kingdom.

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