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PXP Financial and DaoPay announce their long-term strategic partnership to deliver enhanced payment services across Europe

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PXP Financial
PXP Financial and DaoPay announce their long-term strategic partnership to deliver enhanced payment services across Europe

PXP Financial, the expert in acquiring and payment processing services and DaoPay, the all-in-one payment service provider, licensed and headquartered in Austria, have announced the next phase in their relationship to deliver payment services throughout Europe.

PXP Financial and DaoPay started working together in 2017, when DaoPay acted as its payment facilitator. Today, the launch of the joint solution in Europe marks a new chapter in what has been an incredibly successful partnership.

Thanks to the strategic partnership, both PXP Financial’s and DaoPay’s customers will benefit from an enhanced card acquiring service at launch, and an alternative payment method (APM) aggregation service throughout Europe later this year. For customers, this means getting all services related to acquiring – from accepting card payments or APMs to receiving money from a single source, as well as access to 100+ payment methods, including mobile and patented phone-based payment solutions. As a result, administrative efforts will be reduced to a minimum, and customers will benefit from greater flexibility and less friction in the payment process

Kamran Hedjri, CEO of PXP Financial, commented: “DaoPay has vast experience in the payment space and shares our approach to client relationships and putting customers first. We have built a very close relationship which has allowed us to work together to implement a truly robust solution.”

“Payments are a complex field with many players involved. Adding acquiring to the service portfolio means providing a better service without the dependency on third parties and helping customers optimise conversion rates.”

Peter Krapfl, founder and CEO of DaoPay, added: “Like DaoPay, we know PXP maintains a close and trusting relationship with its merchants. Our work together will widen the merchant segments and allow unparalleled possibilities and synergies for our merchants, suppliers and us. DaoPay has worked over two decades in the finance industry and we understand the payment needs of clients in this fast-growing and ever-changing industry.  Our joint expertise generates a win-win situation for all involved parties.”

Mr Hedjri concludes: “The future for this partnership is bright. Customers can look forward to migrating to the acquiring solution we have created, and we look forward to working on adding new services to the scope, as well as providing best-in-class customer service based on our strong client relationships.”

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