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March 2023
Banks and businesses are struggling to work out the impact of HSBC’s purchase of SVB because the deal and the bank’s intentions lacks transparency. Investors and payment experts come together to discuss the matter.
March 2023
Embedded and invisible payments with reduced friction is on the horizon for retail payments, but players across the chain must not forget why there is friction. Santander’s chief payments officer Paul Horlock dives into what’s next.
March 2023
With the Bank of England opening its consultation on digital currencies, the key question for the payments sector is could a digital pound interact with the existing infrastructure.
March 2023
Open banking is leading the way for open finance and open data where robust open APIs and data management will be the cornerstones of success.
February 2023
With decreased payment volumes and increased risks of market consolidation, The Payment Association examines how a recession could reshape the industry.
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