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Project Regulator

Project Regulator, by engaging with key regulatory bodies, pushes for a fairer and more transparent regulatory landscape for payments companies. The project provides a helpful and open forum for members of The Payments Association to swap and share insight, as well as an opportunity to contribute to industry consultations and thought-leadership activities to help resolve the regulatory concerns of The Payments Association community.

Alison Donnelly, Project Lead

Mission Statement:

To engage with regulatory bodies to promote and champion the regulatory concerns of members of The Payments Association and drive change towards the development of a fairer regulatory landscape for payments companies


Strategy and Approach 2021:

  • Continue dialogue with the regulators and keep members of The Payments Association informed of compliance requirements
  • Engage with government and HMT and respond to regulatory consultations to represent the views of The Payments Association membership
  • Continue to develop relationships with key stakeholders 
o   Work in partnership with the FCA, through regular calls and quarterly workshops
o   Work with PSR to help them develop their strategy on ‘Innovation and future payment methods, Competition and Choice & Availability of payment methods’
  • Continue to collaborate with OBIE, reflecting concerns of Payments Association members
  • Participate in OBIE ‘Future State’ Steering Group
  • Create International Glossary of Payments Terms


Project Regulator Team


Alison Donnelly – Director, fscom


Nathalie Oestmann – Chief Operating Officer, Curve

Team Members

Mike Chambers – Director, Eazy Collect and Northey Point

Chris Hill – Commercial Technology Partner, Deloitte Legal

Giedre Mitkute – Associate Cards & Payments, Locke Lord

Shannon Seitz – Legal Counsel, UK and Europe, Western Union

Gareth Mahony – Head of Compliance, Moorwand

Max Savoie – Partner, Sidley Austin

Mitch Trehan – Head of Compliance, Banking Circle

Melissa Corkhill – Regulatory Compliance Senior Manager, Modulr

Nilixa Devlukia – Founder, Payments Solved

Robert Courtneige – Independent

Richard Mais – Associate Partner, EY

Kai Zhang – Special Counsel, K&L Gates

Manish Garg – Managing Director, Banksly

Ouliana Smith – Research Analyst, Vixio

Dan Jones – Special Counsel, Baker Botts

Consultation Responses

The Payments Association, through the activities of Project Regulator, engages with regulatory bodies to promote and champion the concerns of Payments Association members in current and future regulation and drives change through the development of a fairer regulatory landscape for payments companies.

The UK payments industry is moving through a period of structural and regulatory change and so the Payments Association is keen to ensure that the payments industry is fully informed of all regulatory change and to ensure that the voice of all Payments Association members is heard in payments regulation. Through the Payments Association’s Project Regulator, the Payments Association has produced an active consultation registry which details consultations that the Project Regulator team recommends an organisational response, highlights all live payments consultations and will act as a navigation tool for Payments Association members.

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