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Get Ready for the FCA’s Consumer Duty Rules: What You Need to Know

Download our latest report “Get Ready for the FCA’s Consumer Duty Rules: What You Need to Know.” This short report includes a conversation between Alison Donnelly, Director, fscom and Gaurav Gaur, Head of Commercial Payments Products, NatWest.

The question of how to prepare for the watchdog’s latest drive for transparency is a matter on everyone’s mind right now. What will the Consumer Duty look like in practice, and how can firms hit the ground running when it arrives on 31 July?

The new regulation sets out to connect the right customers to the right services. It sets a standard for how payments and e-money firms can engage in best practices, be more transparent and deliver long-lasting good for their customers.

Here two leading forces in finance have come together to guide the industry to achieving that outcome. Together, Donnelly and Gaur outline the full face of the Consumer Duty, including invaluable insights into how firms can champion customer needs, offer fair value, and ultimately, abide by the FCA’s latest standards for consumer protection.

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