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FCA call for input re payment services regime

This Call for Input (CfI) seeks views on existing guidance the FCA published in 2009 to assist firms in complying with their legal requirements under the payment services regime.

  • The Payment Services Approach Document – aims to help firms navigate through the PSRs and our relevant rules, provides guidance on our requirements and, together with our regulatory guides (see Annex 1), sets out our general regulatory approach in this area.
  • Perimeter Guidance Manual (PERG 15) – contains guidance aimed at helping businesses consider whether they need to be authorised or registered for the purposes of providing payment services in the UK.


Other documents that may be useful to read for context are listed in Annex 1.

It is important to reiterate that HM Treasury are responsible for the PSRs and the maximum harmonising nature of PSD limits considerably the scope for member states (and competent authorities such as the FCA) to depart from or add to the provisions of the Directive.

This should set the context for the CfI. We seek views on how we have approached the PSRs through the documents above, rather than on the PSRs themselves.

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