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Arf launches transactional stablecoin-based working capital credit line for MSBs worldwide

How Arf helps increase remittance flows by using the Stellar network

Gen Z and Covidpreneurs

Expansion continues for PXP Financial with Canada launch

Big bank de-risking threatening to undermine financial inclusion

According to new research commissioned by Payments Bank, Banking Circle, big bank de-risking is significantly hampering the efforts of many Financial Institutions to deliver services that empower financial inclusion. The root cause appears to be the risk-averse strategies adopted in response to the financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent money laundering fines imposed on several big banks.

Getting certified: How green fintech Tred are proving their ethical credentials

Tred is a new fintech on the scene, but they've already gained three certifications in a bid to prove their ethical credentials. Find out why this green neobank is committing to external oversight so early on in its journey.

Common challenges of a growing fintech company (and how to avoid them)

Taking a Fintech that has proven its business model and turning it into a sustainable and profitable organization is a big challenge. We’ve captured three of the most common challenges fintechs face and we’ve outlined how to avoid them.

Wishing Covid-19 debt away: How over-optimism stops people from seeking help

EML And Correos' Sustainability Commitment Will Help Plant 15,000 Trees With Mastercard

EML and Correos are thrilled to further their eco commitments in Spain by planting 15,000 trees with Mastercard.

How to Build Team Resilience in a Stress-Ridden Fintech Workplace

Fintech companies are often flush with talent, but it’s their business environments that ultimately dictate their success. You could have all the right pieces in place, but if they don’t mesh or they aren’t equipped to address adversity, it won’t matter. That’s because team resiliency is not inherent — it must be cultivated, starting from the top down.

Is ethical banking an oxymoron?

Ethical bankers are one of the fastest growing financial tribes in the world, with some of the loudest voices. How do banks continue to innovate to meet customers evolving demands and also engage and attract the emerging financial consumer segment of ethical bankers?

One Growth Strategy Will Transform Financial Services: Bank Fintech Partnerships

Until recently, banks didn’t need to change, until the digital evolution unfolded and customers began to expect innovation and immediacy. It’s natural for banks and fintechs to view one another as competitors. However, a partnership between these two types of entities unlocks immense benefits.

Ingenico receives RNIB Certification for its AXIUM DX8000 Android payment terminal

Ingenico, a Worldline brand, has received certification by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the United Kingdom’s leading sight loss charity, for the accessibility and usability of its AXIUM DX8000 payment terminal by blind and partially sighted people.

NatWest, Cogo and Tink: a three-way partnership to boost sustainability

- NatWest brought Tink and Cogo together to launch a carbon tracking solution in their mobile banking app. - The feature works by combining Tink’s financial data enrichment technology with Cogo’s proprietary platform to create carbon tracking insights for users. - After a successful collaboration, Tink and Cogo joined forces to help more banks bring similar solutions to market.

Mobile Payments in Africa Continue to Grow in Popularity, Proving Importance of Local Payment Methods

Mobile payments in sub-Saharan Africa are predicted to grow by over 60% in the next 5 years, showcasing that Local Payment Methods like these are key for more expansive e-commerce opportunities.

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