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Project Open Banking

Through Project Open Banking we have the opportunity to bring clarity, trust and innovation to the payments industry, and help deliver tangible momentum alongside claims of potential. Open banking is enabling a more efficient and cost-effective way to move money, while businesses are more motivated than ever to improve their digital journeys, grow their revenue, and reduce their costs. With the Payments Association, we can be part of the ecosystem helping to drive this change.

Mission Statement

To help create the market conditions for the successful implementation of Open Banking, by championing open finance and supporting the development of commercial frameworks and industry standards.

Strategy and Approach


Ensuring consumers and businesses are aware of the potential of strong, free-flowing and interlinked data 


Speaking with consumers, merchants and other stakeholders about their concerns and demonstrating positive use cases


Exploring how open banking can offer third-party services to those who typically financially underserved

Project Open Banking Members

Jan Van Vonno, Head of Research, Tink

Mark Nalder, Strategy and Performance Director, Nationwide

Manish Garg, CEO, Banksly

Yaprak De Beaufort, Head of Strategy and Operations, Visa

Huw Davies, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Ozone

Adam Rowland, Co-Founder and CTO

Andrew Doukanaris, CEO, Intellias

Andrew Churchill, Technology Strategy 

Featured Content

Use case videos

Here are some shorts clips from our members Ordo, Bottomline Technologies, Tink as well as non-members Ecospend and Minna explaining their use case/open banking story and how it is solving a problem for their business. You can find these videos in our latest Use Case Guidebook published in partnership with Discover Global Network.

Open Banking Interviews

Ahead of the Payment Association’s Open Banking Use Case Guidebook published in October 2021, we spoke to 5 companies offering innovative products and solutions in the open banking arena. In these videos, Robin Eatwell of Polymath Consulting, interviews executives from Accountscore, Ecospend, Minna, Ordo and Snoop about their product use cases and how it is improving the payments experience for their clients and customers. Thanks to Discover Global Network for supporting this initiative. You can also find the transcripts of the interviews below.

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