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Swiipr is a revolutionary fintech transforming travel disruption into a positive customer experience which enhances loyalty and brand value. The mobile 1st Swiipr X digital platform is specifically designed for airlines to deliver instant disruption solutions direct to passenger’s phones and wallets. We enable airlines to offer a complete digital journey to their customers and staff with smooth and effortless functionality and instant, hassle-free mobile and card payments; on-the-go, globally.

This includes key passenger information, compensation, welfare gestures and payments, hotels and transport solutions and embedded finance. It also enables operational payments allowing airlines to automate and operate with less overheads, full back-office transparency and audit controls with ease, while complying with regulation and being friendlier to the planet.

Swiipr works with payments, transport and innovative travel tech solution partners to deliver a “one stop shop” to airlines.

It is our mission to bring fintech speed, data insight and user experience to one of the last bastions of inefficiency – travel disruption.  In a post Covid world, self-service, contactless digital solutions are more critically important, and airlines need to leapfrog legacy systems and put customer satisfaction and digital efficiency at the core of their operations. Swiipr is here to help deliver that.


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