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Consultation Registry

The Payments Association, through the activities of Project Regulator, engages with regulatory bodies to promote and champion the concerns of Payments Association members in current and future regulation and drives change through the development of a fairer regulatory landscape for payments companies.

The UK payments industry is moving through a period of structural and regulatory change and so the Payments Association is keen to ensure that the payments industry is fully informed of all regulatory change and to ensure that the voice of all Payments Association members is heard in payments regulation. Through the Payments Association’s Project Regulator, the Payments Association has produced an active consultation registry which details consultations that the Project Regulator team recommends an organisational response, highlights all live payments consultations and will act as a navigation tool for Payments Association members.

Project Regulator is supported by our Benefactor:

Consulting Body
Open Date
Close Date
Project Regulator Recommended
CP19/20: Our framework: assessing adequate financial resources
Financial Conduct Authority
CP19/22: Restricting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets
Financial Conduct Authority
GC19/3: Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers
Financial Conduct Authority
CP19/6 – Call for views: The PSR’s research into cash access, use and acceptance
Payment Systems Regulator
CP19/7 – PSR Powers and Procedures Guidance Consultation
Payment Systems Regulator