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WEX – The Power of Platforms

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Facebook, Amazon, Expedia, Booking.com… what do these companies have in common? Besides success, they offer something beyond a product – a platform. Customers are enticed to keep engaging with these businesses for the experience on offer – from connecting with friends, to finding the perfect book, to booking a dream holiday.

In the article ‘The Power of Platforms’, WEX explores what makes a platform business successful and how partnering with a platform can help your business achieve its goals.

WEX strives to be the go-to platform for payments. WEX goes beyond a product offering and provides a solution to maximize your payment strategy. WEX does this by focusing on these key areas:

  • Expertise: WEX has unmatched industry expertise and the strategic know-how to guide you to the optimal payment strategy.
  • Technology: WEX invests in and owns its technology platform so can fully control and adapt the platform to meet ever-changing needs.
  • Agility: From providing the currency and issuing options for truly global payment strategies, to building robust product options and expanding partnerships to achieve maximum acceptance at best cost, WEX aims to be one step ahead of the rest.

Read the article and learn more about making WEX your payments partner.

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