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Transact Payments – One in five Americans think their payments will be completely cashless in their lifetime

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“When America sneezes, the world catches cold,” is a phrase economists have latched onto for decades, and one that has featured in headlines since the banking crisis. And the phrase continues to be relevant when applied to the banking industry. Often trends are identified in the US that are then seen in Europe and across the rest of the world’s financial sector. As such, US research and reports concerning customer trends and behaviour are often applied intelligently to understand what the future holds for the rest of the globe. A recent report by YouGov and GATE in the US highlights that the country is moving towards a cashless retail banking market, so analysts, researchers and companies have moved to identify the impact such discoveries will manifest themselves elsewhere. Delving into and understanding those US trends can be of crucial importance in being able to remain at the front of the curve in terms of reacting to the fast-paced nature of European financial markets, and consumer requirements.

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