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Barclaycard Payment Intelligence

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UK businesses are missing out on £6.7 billion in savings by not taking advantage of early payment discounts*. Now’s the time to discover how data analytics could deliver benefits across your whole business, and help you drive process efficiencies and release untapped value from your supply chain.

Earlier this year, Barclaycard launched a new service – Barclaycard Payment Intelligence (BPI). Through in-depth analysis of a business’ payments data and financial modelling, Barclaycard are helping customers to better understand and optimise their supply chain.  Barclaycard’s payment experts will work with businesses to develop a bespoke payments strategy that could drive cost efficiencies.

You can visit Barclaycard’s website to find out more, or contact paymentintelligence@barclaycard.co.uk.


* https://www.home.barclaycard/media-centre/press-releases/UK-CFOs-missing-out-on-6-point-7-billion-each-year-by-not-taking-advantage-of-early-payment-discounts.html

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