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SUSTAINABILITY SUPERHEROES – A how-to guide to ESG for Fintechs

The rules of the game are shifting. Since the 1970s, business leaders have sought to maximise the pursuit of profit in order to improve shareholder returns.

However, today the situation is more complex; following the introduction of ESG, leaders have to balance the financial imperatives of shareholder returns with other objectives from stakeholders who want to address societal issues which matter to them.

The name of the game is ‘sustainability’.  So, what does it mean to be a sustainable fintech and where do you start?

Through our latest report, ‘Sustainability Superheroes: A how-to guide to ESG for Fintechs’, several Fintech leaders have provided their insights and lay of the land. The report has been put together from 16 interviews with members of The Payments Association (TPA).

The report provides examples of best practice for organisations in our industry as well as key stats and insights that will help you measure your own progress towards your organisation’s goal.

We’d like to thank Mastercard, Benefactor of Project Inclusion, for supporting this initiative.

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