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Project Financial Crime

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This project gives professionals with the passion and enthusiasm to reduce financial crime the opportunity to network with, share expertise and learn from like minded people and invited external guests. We produce thought leader guides on crucial financial crime topics for members and influencers in the sector. A fantastic opportunity to help determine policies to defeat criminals who increasingly use technology to conceal their activities. We aim to ensure the good guys keep one step ahead.

Mission Statement

To deliver community-driven solutions that address the problems posed by digital and financial criminal activity and position The Payments Association and its members as leaders in tackling financial crime. 

Strategy and Approach 2023

Emerging Sector Risk

Investigating the potential risk that a lack of regulation of cryptocurrencies and other emerging sectors poses to consumers.

Data Sharing

Exploring the important role of data sharing initiatives and platforms in preventing and combatting financial crime.

Digital Identity

Examining how biometrics and a digital identity trust framework could support businesses to improve their security and processes.

Why join Project Financial Crime?

Members that have been a part of Project Financial Crime have benefited from learning the latest developments across the sector, their involvement has helped to contribute to some exciting initiatives happening in the financial sector. Watch to learn more.

Project Financial Crime Members

Jane Jee, Director, Jee Associates and Hilda Project

Mitch Trehan, Head of Compliance and MLRO, Banking Circle

Nick Fleetwood, Head of Data Services, Form3

Neil Turner, Compliance Manager, Mastercard

Chryssi Chorafa, CEO, StarLix

Fabien Ignaccolo, CEO, Okay

Andrew Churchill, Director, Technology Strategy 

Keith Stanton, International Product Manager, FIS

Sara George, Partner, Sidley Austin

Ryan Platt, Director of Risk and Compliance, Vyne

Serghei Minciuna, AML & Compliance Officer, Salt Edge 

Philip Creed, Director, Fscom

A picture of Gregory Dellas Chief Compliance and Innovation Officer, a part of the Financial Crime at The Payments Association.

Gregory Dellas, 
Chief Compliance and Innovation Officer, ECOMMBX

Brendan O'Keefe, Enterprise Sales, Nasdaq/Verafin

Brendan O’Keefe, Anti-Financial Crime, Nasdaq/Verafin

Past Project Initiatives

Directory of The Payments Association Members

Company Info
Industry Segment
Entersekt is a leading provider of strong device identity and customer authentication software. Financial institutions and other large enterprises in countries across the globe rely on its multi-patented technology to communicate with their clients securely, protect them from fraud, and serve them convenient new experiences irrespective of the channel or device in use. They have repeatedly credited the Entersekt Secure Platform with helping to drive adoption, deepen engagement, and open opportunities for growth, all while meeting their compliance obligations with confidence.
6-1 AML / KYC / Identity / Fraud Management / Compliance
Okay is a fully compliant « Strong Customer Authentication » platform that provides transaction and authentication security via financial apps. We help all issuers comply with PSD2 SCA’s requirements by integrating strong yet frictionless security services to their apps, shielding the authentication process from any attack, even the unknown, innovative ones of tomorrow.
6-1 AML / KYC / Identity / Fraud Management / Compliance
Chargebacks911® is a leader in payments industry innovation, pushing the envelope in chargeback mitigation to help merchants recover more revenue than ever-before possible. It provides innovative new solutions, patented technologies, and tactical dispute strategies to manage chargebacks – all of which are customised for more than 25 different industries, with flexibility to accommodate any payment method or sales tactic. This strategy is based on the fundamental principle that all chargebacks are produced by one of three sources: criminal fraud, friendly fraud, or merchant error. Non-technical and API integrations generate quick and effortless results. Recently, the dispute experts at Chargebacks911 launched a new brand, Fi911, to support financial institutions with innovative back-office management technologies. Its proprietary DisputeLab™ makes resolving chargeback disputes faster and more efficient by optimizing each step in the dispute cycle. Both Chargebacks911 and Fi911 are based out of locations in North America and Europe to support global merchants and financial institutions with on-demand, region-specific expertise. Chargebacks911 has received many accolades for its dedicated work in the space, and has been named the Customer Choice Award for Best Chargeback Management Solution at the CardNotPresent Awards for four years in succession.
6-1 AML / KYC / Identity / Fraud Management / Compliance
fscom is a boutique firm of compliance experts who specialise in the payments and e-money, crypto, retail banking, and trading and broking sector. We help firms adhere to the regulatory requirements in the UK and Ireland, specifically in authorisations, advice, audits, interim roles and training across financial crime, regulatory compliance and cyber security.
13-6 Regulatory compliance services

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