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The Payments Association’s Guidebook to Digital Identification and Authentication

Identification and Authentication are important processes that help to keep you and your customers safe in the digital world. They enable you to be confident that you know who your customer is, ensuring that they are entitled to access your service and can continue to do so securely and confidently.

This is especially important in financial services and adjacent services such as gambling. In these the threat of criminal activity, including money laundering, financing terrorism and fraud, requires that robust identification and authentication are employed.
As a consequence, organisations operating in these areas are required to comply with regulatory requirements designed to tackle the threat of financial crime. Organisations are required to take a risk-based approach, understanding both the risks present in the markets in which they operate as well as the risks to themselves specifically. Only when the risks are fully understood can the right choice of identification and authentication solutions be made.

This guide explains what identification and authentication are, presenting an overview of the technologies that can help you. It also arms you with key questions to put to suppliers when determining which solutions will meet your needs best. There are numerous suppliers in the identification and authentication space addressing different parts of the process in different ways. The body of this guide does not name specific suppliers but provides you with the information and guidance needed for you to find suitable suppliers. There are several Payments Association members with relevant solutions. These are listed in the appendix along with Payments Association ambassadors that have expertise in this area.

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