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Project Cross Border

Project Cross Border offers members of The Payments Association with the passion and enthusiasm to play a significant role in how we support The Payments Association community on a global stage so as to gain new opportunities in new markets and verticals. We have just completed a Virtual Trade Mission within Asia covering Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney where we worked with business partners, government bodies, trade associations and fintech operators in region to promote and educate the driving change and opportunity in the region through a range of mediums. The project will continue to look at innovation and change on a global stage so that The Payments Association community are provided the best opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Kevin McAdam, Project Lead

Project Purpose

The value of cross-border payments globally is estimated to increase from almost $150 trillion in 2017 to over $250 trillion by 2027.

However, in November 2020, the G20 agreed that:  

“The pandemic has reaffirmed the need to enhance global cross-border payment arrangements to facilitate cheaper, faster, more inclusive and more transparent payment transactions, including for remittances”  

Project Cross-Border has the specific purpose to help identify and increase awareness of the technology in the market that is transforming the cross-border payments eco-system for its users and providers, as well as informing the evolving regulatory landscape.


Featured Content

Project Cross Border sent a survey round to our members asking ‘What cross border payment challenges do they face today?’ Click here to view the results.


Virtual Trade Mission

Research Initiatives

Project Cross Border Team


Kevin McAdam – VP of Global Banking Services, b-yond


Vikesh Patel – Head of Securities Strategy, SWIFT

Deputy Mentor

Kamran Hedjri – Director, PXP Financial

Project Members

David Lambert – CEO, Transact365

Mina Louka – CEO, B2B Payment Solutions

Alex Lambeth – Head of Public Affairs, Crown Agents Bank

Manish Garg – Managing Director, Banksly

Pratik Chitre – Head of Business Development, DECTA

Chryssi Chorfara – Founder & CEO StarLix

Errikos Andreakos – CCO, Martrust 

Ruchi Arora – Managing Director, Currencies Direct

John Casanova – Partner, Sidley Austin

Elmar Leissle – Head of Market Development and Cross Border Payments, Visa

Marc Escoffier – Business Development Director, Visa

Tuna Guleryuz – Senior Product Marketing, Arf

Ali Dural – Business Development Manager, Multipass

Phil Mochan – Founder & CEO, Nomos Digital

Luke Catajar – Director Customer Success, Ripple

Kasia Gruszka – Transaction Risk & AML Officer, PXP Financial

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