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The Payments Association Payments 101 – Virtual Training Course September 2022

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This two-day course covers the fundamentals of the card payments ecosystems. The first day covers the mechanics of card payments, introducing ecosystem actors and mechanisms (e.g. authorisation, clearing and settlement), as well as the structure of cards and transactions. It will also give a worldwide overview of the markets and trends in different sectors and […]

£450.00 – £950.00

The Payments Association Crypto 101 – Virtual Training Course September 2022

What you’ve always wanted to know about virtual & decentralised payments but were afraid to ask... This broad and comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of virtual, crypto and decentralised payments gives an in-depth snapshot of this particular aspect of the payments industry for a better understanding of how it all fits together. The course combines […]

£650.00 – £1250.00

In Conversation with… September 2022

In Conversation with… Nick Telford-Reed, Stormglass Consulting Ltd, and Sofia Cormack, Currencycloud   Be a part of the only payments event for product professionals.   Get the inside track on product development and leadership from Nick Telford-Reed and Sofia Cormack.   Join them on 29th September at 5pm when they will share a range of […]