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Nomos Digital

Financial Market Infrastructure for Banks delivering instant cross-border payments.

Nomos addresses the issues of cost of settlement and cost of liquidity with a unique system based solution.

We eliminate the need for legal intermediaries in the cross-border payment process but retain the role of correspondent banks who become connectivity aggregators and supply credit, treasury and liquidity services.

Existing respondent banks need not invest in any new connectivity or technology to get the benefit of reduced costs, full transparency, and near-real time cross border payments.

Suitable for high value, retail payments and remittances, the service platform is forward and backward interoperable with CBDC’s and stablecoins easing the way to future forms of money.

The service platform delivers synchronised PvP settlement, establishes dynamic real-time payment corridors, improved and yet simplified compliance, and is capital and liquidity efficient.

Launching in 2025, the system is capable of fully attaining the FSB cross-border payment objectives as set out in Oct2021 including cost, speed, transparency and usage across all payment categories and supported currencies (limited only by central bank support).

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Founded in 2020, tell.money is a FinTech specialising in open banking. Our mission is to help the industry become truly “open”.   Products in our Community Edition are available to

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Griffin is making a bank that you can build on. Griffin is an API-first, full-stack Banking as a Service provider that helps companies focus on building amazing products for their

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Pixxles is a bold new way for eCommerce merchants across the UK to accept online payments simply, securely and globally.

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We are payabl., a payments expert that helps your online business grow. Our payment processing products allow you to take, make and manage payments seamlessly. Control your finances with the

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KYP is a real-time 3rd party enterprise risk intelligence platform. KYP addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and alerts of 3rd party companies. We built KYP in response

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Orenda Finance is a one-stop embedded financial services ecosystem. Using a no-code, low code approach, Orenda offers embedded financial products and services that provide a host of benefits without substantial

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210+ Countries                            250+ payment methods                          150+ currencies New generation financial services provider offering an innovative banking-as-a-service & payments platform for business.

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Secure decentralised ledger technology for Central Bank Digital Currency.

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Nikulipe is a Fintech company that makes entry to Emerging and Fast-Growing markets easy for Fintechs, Payment Service Providers, and their merchants. By streamlining cross-border payment solutions, Nikulipe provides unified

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Noda Pay

Noda is a platform to provide Open Banking services, from personal finance management to online payments for e-commerce. Noda exists at the forefront of technological progress, already offering API connectivity,

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The ecosystem of banking and payments enabling new financial services. Banksly combines the power of Payments and Open Finance using the pioneering technology platform. Our pioneering technology makes money works

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Paysend is a next generation integrated global payment ecosystem enabling consumers and businesses to pay, hold and send money online anywhere, anyhow and in any currency. Paysend is UK-based and

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vyne uses open banking to power account-to-account payments for online businesses. Customers pay directly from their bank account and payments are completed in seconds, bypassing expensive and slow traditional methods.

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Algbra is a next generation fintech platform headquartered in London, leveraging state-of-the-art technology, working with tier one partners and operating with a UK regulatory framework. The Algbra platform is built

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Ozone API

Ozone has been involved in the development of open banking and open finance standards from the very beginning, so we understand where the real complexity is and how to make

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Currensea is a new type of debit card. It connects to your existing UK high street bank account and lets you spend abroad at great rates and without the charges.

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ARYZE is building the bridge between traditional value and digital currencies by issuing fully redeemable stablecoins backed by and pegged to traditional assets. ARYZE aims to be the primary payment

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