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VIXIO WEBINAR: Unlocking Growth in New Payments Markets

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2020 was the year of stagnation for some, and growth for others. As things begin to open up across the world, the combination of a recovering global economy and the continuation of the trends that COVID-19 accelerated, such as digitisation, PSPs are accelerating efforts to expand their geographical scope.

In this webinar, VIXIO PaymentsCompliance will share insights into five emerging, exciting markets: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Cambodia. We’ll be discussing the trends that the payments sector can take advantage of, as well as how to overcome barriers to entry, such as lack of regulatory transparency.

Session Takeaways

Join VIXIO PaymentsCompliance and a panel of expert speakers on Wednesday, October 6, to discuss: 

  • Emerging trends such as QR Codes, e-money, financial inclusion, and deregulation
  • A comparative look at five APAC countries of high interest for payments 
  • Tech and regulatory considerations that firms need to consider
  • The combined regulatory and commercial opportunities, and anticipated risks 


  • Jimmie Franklin, Reporter at VIXIO (panel host)
  • Prasad Thandapani, Regulatory Monitoring Associate at VIXIO
  • Zennon Kapron, Founder & Director of Kapronasia
  • Camilla Bullock, Director General of the The Payments Association Asia

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