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Swipen logo is now officially trademarked!

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Over the last few months, we have been working on registering our Swipen logo with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

We have always been very proud of our logo and brand design. Created by graphic designer, Sara Holloway, in 2018, our logo and brand identity has often been admired and praised by our customers, partners, and competitors. From letterheads, email signatures and business cards, to marketing brochures, video content and social media, Sara has helped us create a strong brand that is professional, recognisable, and memorable.


What is a trademark?

A Trademark means any unique symbol, word, name, device, or numeral, which can be represented graphically.

Registering a Trademark creates an intangible asset, i.e. it becomes Intellectual Property. The owner of a Registered Trademark therefore enjoys exclusive rightsover the trademark.

Some of the benefits of registering a trademark include:

  • It builds trust and goodwill
  • Inspires a positive image of an organisation
  • Increases brand value
  • It provides recognition of a product or service
  • Protects against infringement
  • Easier to register the trademark in other countries


Swipen registered

Swipen’s logo is key to our branding and commercial identity. We therefore know it’s worth protecting. Our application with the IPO proceeded with no issues and passed with no objections.

We’re pleased to have now received our registration certificate confirming that our logo is trademarked across the UK.

Article by Swipen

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