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StarLiX, the seamless all-in-one end-to-end compliance and tokenised payment platform

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StarLiX, the seamless all-in-one end-to-end compliance and tokenised payment platform

We are proud to have launched the StarLiX platform.


StarLiX is an innovative closed-loop tokenised payment and compliance platform that enables regulated payment service providers (focusing particularly on regulated payment institutions) to send cross-border payments with provable end-to-end compliance along the payment chain.


StarLiX links the payment and compliance data of the involved parties within the payment chain from the ultimate sender to the ultimate receiver, including information of the payout parties, by connecting with payment service providers through APIs.


As a compliance platform, StarLiX:

  • collects the compliance information of the involved parties in the payment chain in accordance with the regulatory principles set down by international bodies such as FATF, and implemented nationally by regulators such as FCA,
  • links the data of all the involved parties with the payment information, which helps to avoid fraud and money laundering,
  • standardises the collection of the compliance information, 
  • digitalises the manual processes, and 
  • provides an encrypted audit trail of all the compliance information linked to payments that cannot be tampered with.


StarLiX’s tokenised platform enables a sending PSP operating on one corridor (e.g. UK to India) to link up and transact with other PSP(s), which facilitate pay-out in another corridor (e.g. UK to Sri Lanka).  


As a payment platform, StarLiX:

  • provides an enhanced messaging payments platform that by passes correspondent banking,
  • creates a marketplace for accessing different markets, and
  • allows participating firms to connect with partners to facilitate payout in other countries by using the unique closed-loop tokenised payment system and its token known as  SLX that is 1:1 backed by fiat GBP money. 


In this way, the sending PSP can develop an additional payout capacity into a new country – and so, new business opportunities.


StarLiX has now launched its cloud API based platform, offering PSPs:

  • cheaper compliance costs,
  • faster payments,
  • reduction in fraud cases,
  • easier access to bank accounts, and
  • new business opportunities in other countries.


StarLiX, also, enables regulators and banks involved in the payment chain to have clear visibility of available compliance documentation and data connected to each payment transaction  in a standardised format upon request.


Founded in 2020, the StarLiX system has been developed by industry experts and co-designed with regulated payment firms involved in the cross-border payments industry.


In 2021, StarLiX was: 

  • accepted into the FCA Sandbox Cohort 7,
  • was shortlisted for the FSTech RegTech/Compliance Award, 
  • nominated as a semi-finalist at the LendIt PitchIt and 
  • nominated as a finalist at the FF Awards. 


StarLiX’s founder, Chryssi Chorafa, was recognised as a Senior Leader and Rising Star in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2020 and 2021 respectively, and won the Women in Payments EMEA Symposium Innovation Award 2021.


We want to build a global network of regulated payment firms, which pay out for each other. Join our end-to-end inclusive platform that: 

  • standardises compliance data and compliance checks embedded into payment information, 
  • offers a seamless onboarding process,  and 
  • connects partners to facilitate pay-out on behalf of the other.


To find out more check out our website and our video, and contact us at info@starlix.io

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