Kompli-Global’s 24/7 digital compliance assistant Samantha enters US market for deeper due diligence

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UK RegTech launches round-the-clock monitoring and reporting tools to leading global financial centre in New York, providing constant vigilance of adverse information

6th November 2017. London, UK and New York, US. Life is set to become far more difficult for money launderers and terrorism funders in the United States as Kompli-Global today launches its new digital compliance assistant in New York City. Samantha is the digital compliance assistant within Kompli-Global’s SaaS based search platform, Kompli-IQ. Samantha can interact with you by mail, text or even voice activation to allow analysts to interrogate a database network of the deep web so that the analyst can uncover negative news on individuals (including company owners) who may pose regulatory and reputational risks to businesses.

Samantha continually and consistently monitors for all publicly available relevant risk information, often known as “negative information”, which includes sanctions and watch-lists, watchdogs, business registrations, regulatory filings and databases, as well as blogs, digital and traditional media.

This helps human managers who might otherwise overlook relevant items or spend days researching before they detect them. Samantha can find and collate this information much more quickly, updating analysts immediately on potential risks. This makes the on-boarding of customers significantly easier for banks and other financial institutions in the US.

Kompli-Global’s search platform “Kompli-IQ” provides analysts with the information they need to make better informed, compliant risk decisions. Kompli-IQ cross-references over 500 key ‘stem-word’ search terms against each target subject to establish any connection with published negative news.

Now supported by Samantha, Kompli-IQ also draws on the local expertise of compliance and regulatory experts from 66 countries covering 158 regions. Companies can subsequently base their risk-based decisions on superior information provided by a powerful combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Headquartered in London, Kompli-Global has now expanded to the most powerful centre in the world’s largest economy, the United States. Opening new offices on Wall Street, New York City, Kompli-Global will assist US businesses in protecting their reputations and ensuring compliance with strict anti-money laundering regulations, helping combat increasingly sophisticated criminal enterprises.

Speaking about the expansion, John Davies, Chairman of Kompli-Global, and expert in regulatory compliance, explained: “New York is the logical next step for Kompli-Global. We recognise the increasing regulatory compliance burden in the US, and with stringent new US CDD and AML regulations, businesses need support in carrying out the complex new searches required to ensure compliance.”

“It is impossible to keep up with regulatory changes, onboard new clients and monitor existing ones in a cost-effective and efficient way, using only manual searches. Kompli-IQ deploys automated searching to constantly monitor for negative news, which can indicate individuals and organisations that pose a risk and enable a much more thorough and compliant risk assessment, enhanced by our suite of CDD and EDD reports.”

“Looking to the future, there will inevitably be an increased focus by regulated firms and regulators on the use of regulatory technology (RegTech) to support searching for all published adverse information quickly and effectively.”

On May 11th 2018, FinCEN’s Final Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Rule comes into force in the US, bringing with it far-reaching changes to how financial institutions can collect, maintain and act upon beneficial ownership information and conduct customer due diligence.

To help US businesses manage this burden, Kompli-Global will give the US RegTech sector its first opportunity to view its latest innovation in compliance technology at the ECN RegTech Summit US in New York City, November 8th.    

John Davies added: “Financial Institutions face a challenge in ensuring they meet rigid regulations while making sure their customer experience is as frictionless as possible. The time needed to complete a manual CDD search, in addition to the potential for large numbers of ‘false positives’ caused by popular names can lead to friction in the customer onboarding process and therefore loss of business.”

“Financial Institutions can overcome this issue though deploying innovative new technology, not only benefiting from a wealth of new data points to verify information, but from enhanced speed as well, reducing the time needed for searches from days and weeks to a matter of hours.”

Kompli-Global, has been ranked among the world’s most innovative FinTech companies in the new Global RegTech 100 from data and research firm, FinTech Global. Speaking about Kompli-Global’s recognition Richard Sachar, Director at FinTech Global, explained: “Our analysts reviewed over 400 global companies and commended Kompli-Global for its innovative use of technology to generate efficiencies and performance enhancements across compliance and due diligence. We were particularly struck by how Kompli-Global harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to do the heavy lifting required in an increasingly complex regulatory world.”

To find out more about Kompli-Global and how its technologies can support your CDD needs, visit: www.kompli-global.com.

About Kompli-Global

Kompli-Global is a RegTech enterprise bridging the information gap in an increasingly regulated and digital world. It uses digital technologies to reveal hard-to-detect and suppressed adverse information, facilitating regulatory compliance that may otherwise be time-consuming, expensive and ineffective.

A truly global company, Kompli-Global has an advisory community present in 66 countries covering 158 regions. This is a worldwide network of compliance experts stationed locally in key positions across the globe.

Samantha is a digital compliance assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) and to interact with Kompli-Global’s clients in real-time by simulating authentic two-way conversation.

Kompli-Global and Kompli are registered trademarks of Kompli-Holdings PLC.

Find Kompli-Global online: kompli-global.com
On Twitter: @kompliglobal
On LinkedIn: kompli-global

Press Contacts
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Martin Rutland
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