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The Insights Interview with Mark Barnett, President of Mastercard Europe

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For this month’s interview, hear some exclusive insights from a top payments executive who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, an enviable track record of success and an inspiring work ethic where he commits to lead a business ‘focused on doing well, doing good and making people’s lives easier’ – President of Mastercard Europe, Mark Barnett.

During the interview, Mark emphasises the importance of people as a key motivator for his career, referring not only to his team but also to the millions of individuals his company serves through partnerships with retailers, financial institutions and businesses. And with Mastercard’s central focus on sustainability and inclusion, he explains how the company balances commercial interests with the desire to make a difference – tune in to hear some examples of what they are doing to conduct themselves ethically in these areas.

Mark also shares his thoughts on the potential of Open Banking, highlighting why the payments aspect has had a slow development in this space and touches on the nature of payment systems in the UK and how well the Bank of England and the PSR are developing these payments systems. A hugely experienced leader with a depth of knowledge, watch until the end to hear 3 main leadership traits he looks for in individuals who are aspiring to enter the dynamic world of payments.