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For Good Causes Christmas Gift of Giving

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For Good Causes Christmas Gift of Giving

The Payments Association have decided to co-promote For Good Causes Christmas campaign. It’s a great opportunity to work together to make a difference.

It gives:

  • companies – a new way to celebrate the festive season with their staff
  • individuals – a way to support their favourite causes without putting their hand in their
    wallet, and
  • charities – access to funding after what has been a terrible financial year for most.


Christmas is NOT cancelled, even if Christmas parties have to be.

How does the campaign work?

1) Employers decide to use some or all of their Christmas 2020 budget to give each of their employees a For Good Causes digital gift card, and the denomination of the gift cards.

2) We send the Employer a file of ‘one time use’ digital gift cards.

3) The Employer emails the gift cards to their staff with redemption instructions.

4a) For Employers who require bespoke ‘branded’ redemption pages, we create the redemption page that employees will visit and either choose to donate to the employer’s partner charities or else choose from any of the >20,000 charities available on their platform. (Illustrative example below).

4b) Where bespoke ‘branded’ redemption pages, aren’t required, employees visit our central redemption page where they can choose from any of the >20,000 charities available on their platform. (Illustrative example below).

5) Any unredeemed tokens are donated to the pre-agreed charity of the Employer’s choice on 1st February 2021.

6) We provide employers with MI re the amount given to individual charities at the end of the campaign (31 January 2021)

What does it cost?

  • We charge employers a 5% service charge on the total value of gift cards issued. Digital gift cards are issued immediately upon settlement of the invoice. (*)
  • We don’t charge charities set up or participation fees.
  • Where employers require a bespoke ‘branded’ redemption page we charge a flat fee of £2,000 per page. (*)

(*) subject to VAT at standard rate.

Promoting the campaign – what would we like from you?

The more companies that join the campaign, the more difference we can collectively make, and the more businesses that will get the employee engagement benefits. So we’re very grateful for your agreement to help us get the message out to your membership.

Promotional options include:

  • Scheduled member communications
  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Direct solus communications to your members
  • And, of course, any other promotional ideas that you may have


In your promotional activities, please reference For Good Causes, and direct people to our advert at:

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