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Fill ’Er Up: Samsung Pay Is Now Good at ExxonMobil Stations

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Samsung Pay took another stride this week, with ExxonMobil announcing that its customers can now use the mobile wallet at the pump to pay for gas. This expansion comes only months after Samsung launched a points-based rewards program for Samsung Pay.

There is an in-app commerce catch: Drivers who want to use Samsung Pay must first enroll in ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ mobile app program. Customers with Samsung Pay link it to their Speedpass+ app. Once at the pump, those customers can elect, via the Speedpass+ app, to pay for gas and car washes with Samsung Pay. Specifically, a customer opens the Speedpass+ app, selects the appropriate pump number, authorizes the transaction with a fingerprint or PIN, and then selects the desired grade of fuel at the pump.

Because Samsung Pay transactions are authorized by unique tokens, no card numbers are shared at the pump, providing more security, ExxonMobil said. Customers using this method can also “double dip” with rewards, earning points with Samsung Rewards and Plenti loyalty points with the same transaction. Plenti is a loyalty program that includes ExxonMobil and such other major retailers as Macy’s and Rite Aid, and which was launched by American Express.  Some 9,600 Exxon and Mobil stations will accept Samsung Pay.

The loyalty part could appeal to consumers and drive more Samsung Pay transactions at the pump. That’s because  consumers offered incentives use mobile payments more often, according to a report earlier this month from Auriemma Consulting Group. That might not matter as much with gas purchases—the amount of fuel needed in an average week tends to remain relatively stable—but incentives could steer consumers to specific gas stations. Another recent report, this one from loyalty commerce provider Points, said that 85 percent of respondents want to engage with loyalty programs at places where they shop most frequently, and that 94 percent of consumers would use mobile wallets more often if they would earn and redeem loyalty points via those transactions.

“Increasing the mobile payment options allow us to provide our consumers with a faster, more convenient experience at the pump,” said Rob Wollard, Americas retail fuels marketing manager for ExxonMobil Fuels.

The Samsung Pay move comes at a busy time for gas stations. Not only are other players such as Verifone and FIS deploying mobile payment technology for fueling, but fuel retailers are preparing to make their pumps and payment terminals EMV compliant.

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