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Accelerating the drive for financial inclusion during Covid-19 – An Payments Association Webinar

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In the UK, a consequence of the prolonged lockdown resulting from Covid-19 has been to lay bare the differences of the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in society.

The shutdown of most retail outlets and decline in use and acceptance of cash has increased reliance on digital payments and services. Yet many still struggle to get basic financial services and more still lack the confidence and skills to access retail online.

This webinar with Mastercard explored how the payments industry has responded to the current crisis and covered:

  • The challenges faced by those who are digitally and financially excluded;
  • How the payments industry has stepped up during the crisis with innovative ideas to ensure no one is left behind; and
  • How a wider coalition of committed partners are coming together to make the digital economy work for everyone, everywhere.

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