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4 Steps to a Successful ISO 20022 Migration

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How do Financial Institutions in EMEA Migrate to ISO 20022, Hit Deadlines & Create New Business Opportunity?

ISO 20022 is predicted to support 80% of volume and 90% of the value of high-value transactions and SWIFT has mandated that ANY financial institution that processes SWIFT messages must be able to receive and process ISO messages by the end of 2022.

However, many banks and financial institutions have underestimated the complexity of the necessary changes of the migration as the transition isn’t just a simple upgrade of process. Existing infrastructure and legacy systems are not sophisticated enough to deal with the speed of integration and transition required.

This webinar will identify the key strategies to ensure a smooth, structured transition to ISO 20022 that provides value and speed to market. Join Bottomline, Payments Matters & DEPFA Bank on-demand to learn:

  • What is ISO 20022 & how will it transform payments
  • Why do you need to prioritise migration to ISO 20022?
  • What are the pain points, and how can they be resolved?
  • How can organisations plan their ISO 20022 migration and build towards payments modernization?
  • How will Bottomline assist our clients throughout the migration to ISO 20022 e.g. ISO 20022 translation of MT103 format during the transition period?

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