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VIRUTAL EVENT: Leaders vs Laggards – The Race to Escape the Payments Dilemma

Join Modulr on 11th May at 10 am for the launch of this quarter’s industry pulse on payments – Leaders vs Laggards: The Race to Escape the Payments Dilemma.

We will discuss how leaders are overcoming their payments dilemma and overcoming the laggards as fintech fast-tracks innovations in a legacy ecosystem.

Secure your spot today: https://landing.modulrfinance.com/laggards-and-leaders-exclusive-launch-epa

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Modulr receives strategic investment from the venture arm of FIS

Modulr receives strategic investment from the venture arm of FIS
• FIS Ventures invests in leading UK FinTech Modulr, as it drives real-time payments solutions and capabilities at a global scale.
• Modulr, the payments platform, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Central Bank of Ireland, with the EMI also benefiting from direct access to the Bank of England.  
• The corporate and business payments market, in which Modulr operates, is considered to be worth $2 trillion, nearly five times as large as consumer payments.

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SCA Confusion Over Member State Ramp Ups

National competent authorities have taken an ambiguous position on their enforcement deadlines for strong customer authentication — which has left the market unsure about how much flexibility there is, sources say.

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QR Codes: A Secret History

Featured is one of Blue Train Marketing’s most recent blogs ‘QR Codes: A Secret History’. In this blog the writer, Jeff Banks, goes into detail of the history of QR Codes and how they are rapidly being adopted across the globe!

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Checkout.com Targets $100bn Real-Time Payments Opportunity with Payouts Product Launch

Checkout.com, the leading cloud-based global payment solutions provider, has announced the launch of its Payouts Product, which enables merchants to make seamless payments directly to eligible recipients’ cards and bank accounts.

The solution will enable merchants to make payouts in real-time to over four billion cards in over 174 countries and seamless payments to local bank accounts in over 40 countries around the world. It also leverages market-leading scheme and interbank FX rate sources, leaving global merchants with minimal exposure to currency fluctuations.

Payouts will enable the remittance, digital wallet, travel, insurtech and the gig economy industries to deliver more efficient, faster payments as a competitive differentiator. Checkout.com is the only payment service provider to have built a completely new infrastructure that spans the entire payouts value chain.

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