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Virtual cards – How companies can unlock the €5 trillion bionic B2B opportunity

Whether it’s the speed of a seamless one-click checkout process for a business travel booking, effortless automated reconciliation and record matching, or the security of setting spending controls to stop fraud, overspending or misuse, the
rapidly rising popularity of virtual cards demonstrates how suitable they are for a growing range of use cases across many industry sectors.

Businesses need to modernise and innovate their corporate payment processes while ensuring the highest levels of protection against rising associated costs, fraud and misuse.  Virtual payment cards have the potential to enhance and simplify the payment journey, offering a seamless, integrated payment process and reducing reliance on paper-based, manual techniques.

Understand the tangible benefits available to you and your business through the use of virtual cards. Download our whitepaper on Virtual Cards: How companies can unlock the €5 trillion bionic B2B opportunity (in partnership with FIS) today and start your journey to virtual corporate finance.

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