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Project Futures report – The Fight Against Fraud and Financial Crime

The Project Futures workshop at Glaziers Hall, London Bridge in December 2019 focused on the case for greater investment in technology and the centralisation and consolidation of department responsibilities in order to improve the fight against fraud and financial crime.

The discussion focused on the following themes:

• Management of risk
• Fraud prevention
• Money laundering compliance
• KYC checking
• Cyber security defence

The workshop was structured around four interactive breakout sessions:

• The advantages and disadvantages of centralisation and consolidation
• The market trends and impact
• The opportunities, barriers and challenges
• Regulatory factors, technology and innovation

This report is part of a series produced by the The Payments Association. It highlights the contents of the discussions, the insights derived and the conclusions drawn. These highlight the direction of travel for the payments industry as it develops and how the ecosystem may change in the light of new technologies and innovations.

Thank you to the Project Benefactor, FICO, the workshop moderator and report author, Mark McMurtrie, Director of Payments Consultancy Ltd and to the 15 workshop participants for their contributions to this insightful workshop

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