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All Aboard. The role of the Fintech industry in solving the problems of financial exclusion

Does Fintech give those at risk of financial exclusion the services they want? If it does, do they know about it, and if they don’t, why not? Equally, with the services that are available, can customers access and operate them in a way that addresses their needs?

That’s what this report is about. Project Inclusion, at the The Payments Association, wanted to ask how well financial services work for the youngest and oldest age groups, where risk of exclusion might reasonably be expected to be at its greatest. What has resulted is a wide-ranging and rich piece of work, that surveys expert views from across the sector and from customers themselves, and which goes decisively beyond its initial hypothesis to where those that participated wanted to take it.

This report will shed light on service design and usability, lesser known but important use cases, customer motivation, and convey the essence of what financial inclusion services should be about– accessibility, choice, value for money, and no compromise on service quality. We also offer pointers for further research and action, and the beginnings of a roadmap towards inclusion by design. We hope this report adds value to your activities around financial inclusion, and we welcome your contribution to the debate.

If you want to learn more and participate in our work, please join us at Project Inclusion within the Payments Association

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