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A Payments Regulation Road Map – Payments Association in partnership with Eversheds Sutherland

The landscape for regulations that affect payments is changing fast. Keeping close to what is happening and what it all means is almost impossible. Even the best prepared firms in payments, whether regulated or unregulated, could miss out on new opportunities created by these changes –we know that the head of payments compliance is the CEO’s best friend. And even the most compliant firms could fall foul of unexpected or unpredicted changes in regulations.

To make it easier for members of the The Payments Association to navigate this evolving landscape, the Payments Association and Eversheds Sutherland are providing you with a resource that will keep you on track.

Eversheds Sutherland, an Payments Association Community Patron, is our largest law firm partner and a key partner for us on Project Open Banking, Project Regulator, and Project International Trade. They are also working with many of our members on high-profile and strategic projects as well as working with other trade bodies such as UK Finance on the Future of Open Banking. In particular, they are working on some of the largest partnerships in the payments ecosystem, as well as compliance projects, technology deals and acquisitions, and investment rounds. Our members have recently been having interesting conversations with them in relation to international expansion, new product development, and ESG.

The Payments Regulatory Roadmap is designed to give an overview of the areas of payments regulation that our members should be anticipating in the next two years and to know the next steps and action required. And to help you prioritise what is of critical importance and what is less impactful.

Thank you to our Community Patron, Eversheds Sutherland, for providing this highly valuable resource as part of their contribution to the wellbeing of our community and our members. Because, like us, they believe that being armed with a future perspective on the future of payments regulation means that we are both forewarned and forearmed.

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