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How can Open Banking pave the way to Open Finance?

Our webinar on “How can Open Banking pave the way to Open Finance?” was hosted on the 21st of October 2021.

With reference to its industry work stream ‘Project Open Banking’ and in association with our Knowledge Partner Discover Global Network, The Payments Association has undertaken research into current and future open banking use cases. Watch the webinar now to learn the key findings of Project Open Banking’s use-case guidebook and gain insights into the many use cases demonstrating the potential that open banking can unlock for consumers and other stakeholders.

Our expert speakers also discussed the challenges and opportunities of the implementation of Open Banking, what the future landscape may look like, the growth of Open Banking globally and what might be the key drivers for a broader move towards open finance and open data.

Speakers include:

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How can Open Banking pave the way to Open Finance?

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