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PAY360 2022 - A Spotlight on UK Payments Landscape

PAY360 2022 - All-Star Discussion: How to Capitalise on the Adoption of Disruptive Technologies

PAY360 2022 - A Thought Leader’s Crystal Ball View

Paynetics’ virtual roundtable on 8th December 2021. Is Embedded Finance a bubble or a paradigm shift?

Fintech and trusted payment service provider Paynetics is hosting its third roundtable on the future of fintech, held virtually via Zoom on the 8th December, from 12-1:30PM (GMT).

WEBINAR: How to scale in a way customers love - Banking vs Fintech-as-a-Service.

Your payments infrastructure could be costing you more than you realise. Using multiple providers costs time, costs cash and, more importantly, costs customers. Which is why we’re talking to clients who have moved away from traditional banking and moved towards Fintech-as-a-Platform. We’ll also be joined by Mat Megens, Founder & Chief Executive Officer from HyperJar for a fireside chat on their 'journey' to success, powered by Modulr. The event will cover: o BaaS vs FaaS: What's the difference and what do you need to build financial products customers love? o The key challenges faced by companies that offer payment or bank-like services o How to avoid business inefficiencies by using a joined-up Fintech-as-a-Service partner (such as... well, Modulr) Register here: https://landing.modulrfinance.com/scaling-a-fintech-with-modulr-baas-0


- Introduction - What is physical biometrics? - What is behavioral biometrics? - What is the difference between using physical and behavioral biometrics when authenticating users? - Behavioral biometrics aid PSD2 compliance - Webinar: Behavioral Vs Physical Biometrics: the ultimate showdown in digital banking

Webinar: How to avoid the payments transformation sinkhole

How can your bank or building society avoid the payments transformation sinkhole? Join us and our guest speaker Chris Jones, Managing Director PSE Consulting, on the 20th July to learn: How customers experience your brand through your payments experience How to fast track payments technology What can de-rail your digitisation Book your spot today and make getting payments right easier for your financial institution https://landing.modulrfinance.com/how-to-avoid-the-payments-transformation-sinkhole-epa

Click to Pay: delivering seamless UX and increased security in e-commerce through tokenisation

This session explores the next step to making e-commerce more secure whilst level setting the knowledge playing field on why this is the time for tokenizing e-commerce and why we need to solve the ‘manual card entry’ problem with 'Click to Pay'.

How to avoid the payments transformation sinkhole

Modulr Pulse, our quarterly insights event, is back on July 20th for a discussion about 'How to avoid the payments transformation sinkhole'. Getting payments right is increasingly tougher for established financial institutions so we have brought along a consultant who regularly manages payment transformation projects, to give their advice on how to avoid the various pitfalls and sinkholes. Register for the event and secure your place today: https://landing.modulrfinance.com/how-to-avoid-the-payments-transformation-sinkhole-epa

Currencycloud Superhero Spotlight Series | 7-11 June

We are really excited to shine the spotlight on some of the best-known brands in #Fintech during our Superhero Spotlight Series. A week-long event packed with articles, research reports and LinkedIn and YouTube live streamed interviews with over 30 of Fintech's finest superheroes. Register for the agenda: https://bit.ly/3ySP2lL and keep an eye out for reminders of the #livestream sessions. #Payments #Banking #FintechSuperhero

Fintechs Pitch LIVE in association with Mastercard Part 3 - Full Session

Day 3 of PAY360 Virtual Conference: Hear from leading financial services startups the exciting new technology set to disrupt the payments industry in this fast-paced session. This session will focus on companies leveraging AI, machine learning and the blockchain, to tokenise data, democratise investing, combat fraud and drive operational efficiency.

Special Address: The development of digital payments with Genevieve Marjoribanks, PSR

Day 3 of PAY360 Virtual Conference

Panel Debate: BigTech expanding their presence in payments. Friend or Foe?

Day 3 of PAY360 Virtual Conference The entrance of BigTechs in payment services has influenced the European payment market and society. What are the direct and indirect influences of BigTechs providing payment services on the European payment market?

Fintechs Pitch LIVE in association with Mastercard Part 2 - Full Session

Day 2 of PAY360 Virtual Conference: Hear from leading financial services startups the exciting new technology set to disrupt the payments industry in this fast-paced session.  Today’s session will focus on companies empowering businesses with alternative payment solutions (in-store & online), helping them to get paid, manage expenses and prosper in the new normal.

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