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Ozone API Launches ‘Beyond Compliance’ Open Banking Solutions

Building operational resilience: what’s next?

In this blog, we look at five actions you should take to meet the regulator’s expectations and, perhaps more importantly, to become truly operationally resilient.

Nikulipe Partners with iDenfy for Remote Identity Verification Services

What is the PSD2 story, and how does it tie into SCA and Open Banking?

Blowing The Full Time Whistle On Cartel Behaviour

How Arf helps increase remittance flows by using the Stellar network

The ISO 20022 Journey: Connected, Market-Ready and Native

Expansion continues for PXP Financial with Canada launch

PAY360 2022 - The FCA’s priorities for payments

The changing regulatory landscape for crypto advertising

In this alert, we consider the scope of the strengthened regime and proposed rules, and what they mean for crypto businesses.

Establishing Trust Anchors: The Link Between SCA and KYC

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is something we’ve covered many times. And while SCA is an important topic, required by regulators and considered best-practice in terms of security, SCA by itself is not enough to secure a transaction. In addition to doing SCA correctly, you also have to know exactly who you’re identifying - and that is where “know your customer” (KYC) comes into play. As such, in this post, we'll look into how SCA and KYC are connected, review some of their challenges, and consider what the link between the two might look like in the future.

[Webinar] Russia-Ukraine crisis: What do international businesses need to know? 24-03 3:00pm

Russia-Ukraine crisis: what do international business need to know? Join our latest market insights webinar, in which our panel of experts will help you identify some of the critical emerging market trends, forecast the FX and trade variables that you may need to factor into decisions, and help you unravel the complexity of the new and unprecedented multi-lateral sanctions scenario. Register here: https://bit.ly/3Icfn1B Speakers: Nawaz Ali, Head of Market Insights George Vessey, FX & Macro Strategist - UK Gabrielle Leonhard, Global Head of Sanctions Advisory Boris Kovacevic, FX & Macro Strategist - CEE

UK Payments Regulation Review: Making sense of where to go now

A Week of Sanctions: how should firms respond?

fscom's Associate Director in Financial Crime, Fred McDowell discuses the first week of Sanctions and how firms should respond.

2022 Payments Compliance Outlook: The Paradigm Shift Towards Growth

Benchmark your strategy against the global leaders in payments VIXIO's latest survey of 100+ payments executives has shown a big shift in priorities. Businesses are moving from firefighting to capturing and capitalising on new market growth. Get your copy now to get unique insights on how they plan to accelerate market growth and identify new opportunities in 2022 whilst dealing with ever-evolving market threats. DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/VIXIOPCOutlook

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