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Payments Association member For Good Causes has provided a new way for companies to celebrate the festive season with their staff to support their favourite causes without putting their hand in their wallet, especially after what has been a terrible financial year for most. Click here for more details.

Payments Association member NatWest has announced that it is waiving monthly hire fees for Point-of-Sale terminals from its payments platform Tyl until the end of 2020.

Payments Association member Eazy Collect provide direct debit services for businesses and are currently offering: 

  • No setup fee
  • Free onboarding (24 hour KYC)
  • 6 months free monthly fees
  • Discounted transaction fee

Skrill is offering its wallet and Quick Checkout solution free of charge to SME’s who are providing products or services supporting communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read their press release for more information.

IWOCA has launched a lending platform to help banks and fintechs tap UK SMEs. Click here to view the full article.

True Layer has developed a donation app Donate Direct, which is designed to raise funds for charities and crisis workers.

Stripe has launched a series of products to help platforms and their customers  adapt to the post-Covid-19 economy. Click here to view the full article. 

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The Payments Association’s recently issued report, Navigating the New Opportunities for Corporate Cards, takes a close look at the world of corporate card payments, finding that there is much to do to make them as seamless as personal payments or even those for small businesses, but that there are innovative FinTechs who are solving the specific problems of making payments in a business setting.

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With the advent of passwords at MIT 60 years ago, Gerhard Oosthuizen Entersekt CTO, contends that it’s time that we replace passwords with more robust technologies.

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Compliance, requirements, deadlines, oh my! By now you should have a comprehensive overview of what to be aware of as PSP. As such, it is time to wrap up the topic of SCA compliance. In this article, we cover how Okay uses security evaluations to fine-tune our product as well as how we can help you meet SCA PSD2 RTS compliance standards.

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ekko partners with Paynetics UK to power fintech arm of new app that is turning the tide on climate change

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