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Project International Trade's Virtual Toolkit to Asia

Through further information sharing and collaboration, we hope the community of The Payments Association can continue to flourish on the global stage.

“We are thrilled to be supporting the launch of Project International Trade’s Virtual Toolkit to Asia. Following the success of The Payments Association’s Virtual Trade Mission to the Asia Pacific region in 2020, this toolkit has been created to help members of The Payments Association access new and exciting markets in the region.

We understand that every member of The Payments Association must conduct their own market research and due diligence before entering new markets. Therefore, the purpose of this toolkit is to clearly signpost helpful information, resources, and contacts which would enable an individual to do the research on these markets themselves.

This includes how to contact in-region regulators and government departments, how to register a company in a different country, and even language and cultural constraints to consider.  Also included are interviews with payments companies who have built their presence in these markets and who offer insight and top tips.”

Shaun Puckrin
Chief Product Officer
Global Processing Services

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We hope you find this toolkit valuable

Please reach out if you would like to contribute at Tom.Brewin@thepaymentsassociation.org. Leave a comment below to let us know how to improve and evolve our toolkit – your feedback is very important to us!