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Project Inclusion

Project Inclusion has provided an insightful opportunity to work on issues that have the impact to change lives. It has been both a pleasure and an eye-opener for me, and involved me in authentic initiatives across the fintech sector, thanks to The Payments Association’s enviable reputation as a thought leader.

Mission Statement

To drive industry activity that informs and collaborates with government and third sector bodies to provide clarity on PayTech innovations and solutions that aim to reduce financial exclusion and the poverty premium.

Strategy and Approach 2023

Cost-of-Living and Benefits

Examining how the payments industry can support the most vulnerable population through welfare and employment payments.

Open Banking

Exploring how open banking can provide access to tailored and fair financial services to those unbanked and underserved. 

Policy Agenda

Engaging with the key regulatory bodies (BoE, FCA and the PSR) to drive the financial inclusion agenda forward.

Project Inclusion Members

Josh Berle, Business Development Director, Mastercard

Neil Harris, CEO, B-Yond

Nigel Atta-Mensah, Vice President, Crown Agents Bank

Jos Henson Gric, Founder, Flex

Simon Thomas, Prepaid Product Manager, allpay

Ramsey El Dabbagh, Corporate Development algbra

Shadia Hanna, Principal, Payment Industry Relations, Discover

Kevin Flood Technology Consulting Ernst & Young LLP

Kevin Flood, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Featured Content

Making cross border payments work for all 

Financial exclusion is a huge issue when it comes to cross border payments since a large portion of these payments travel from the developed to the developing world, which typically lacks the appropriate financial infrastructure and services. Therefore, the Project Inclusion team sought to speak to several organisations who are encouraging global financial inclusion in developing and emerging markets by providing critical solutions that tackle cost, speed, access and compliance when it comes to cross border payments.

Past Project Initiatives

Sustainability and Financial Inclusion

Inclusive Crypto and CBDCs

Lifestyle and Values Banking

Affordable Credit

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