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Project Digital Currencies

Mission Statement

Project Digital Currencies aims to develop a programme of thought-leadership content that educates and makes recommendations to the industry on a range of topics from the different types of digital assets and regulatory frameworks to wider ecosystem design.

The project engages with key stakeholders to advocate for the development of a clearer, risk-based regulatory framework for crypto-assets in the U.K. that promotes innovation as well as consumer protection. 

Strategy and Approach


Develop content and events programme to educate all industry stakeholders on the economic benefits of adopting digital assets.


Publish thought-leadership content about the challenges, solutions and opportunities that digital currencies present to the payments industry.


Identify key agencies influencing the global development of digital currencies, such as central banks & regulators.

Project Digital Currencies Members

Manish Garg, Managing Director, Banksly

Jason Butcher, CEO, Broadbase

Robert Courtneidge, Independent Advisor 

Morten Nielson, CFO, ARYZE

Nilixa Devlukia, CEO, Payments Solved 

Andrew Whitworth, Policy Director, Ripple

Tuna Guleryuz, Senior Product Marketing, Arf

Sean Forward, CEO, Payabl

Christian Rau, Senior VP Fintech and Crypto Enablement Europe, Mastercard

Roman Gutchenko, Compliance Manager, PXP Financial

Richard Ney, CEO, Lerextech

Shadia Hanna, Principal, Payment Industry Relations

Nick Kerrigan, Managing Director, SWIFT

Martin Dowdall, Senior Managing Associate, Sidley

Featured Content

Demystifying Digital Assets – Interviews with Members of The Payments Association

As part of our industry report ‘Digital Assets Demystified, the history, status and future of programmable digital assets’, we spoke to members of The Payments Association who shared their perspectives on the role of digital assets in the payments industry and examples of exciting new business models that are realising their potential to disrupt.

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