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Project Digital Currencies

Mission Statement:

Project Digital Currencies will seek to educate all stakeholders on the history, journey and future potential of digital currencies; specifically how the technology works as well as its opportunities and risks. This includes providing market insight to The Payments Association members, regulators and the wider industry. 

The project will achieve this by developing thought-leadership content (such as whitepapers, webinars and podcasts) and events (such as ‘open mics’ and workshops). The content will be topical and in response to key industry issues. Crucially, it will highlight industry use-cases and the benefits that digital currencies can offer for consumers and businesses across the world.


Key objectives for 2022

  • They will be robust and value-adding
  • They will not interfere with or replicate industry initiatives already in place
  • They will develop and create new areas of focus that will increase awareness and new business opportunities, especially regarding CBDCs and stablecoins

Featured Content

Project Digital Currencies launched its first podcast, How can digital assets improve the traditional financial system?

Click here to listen. 

Project Digital Currencies Team


Jason Butcher – CEO, Parallel Payments

Deputy Mentor

Manish Garg – Founder and CEO, Banksly

Project Team

David Chan – CEO, eCora

Shadia Hanna – Principal, Payment Industry Relations, Discover

Stephen Moore – Head of Digital Acceleration, DWP

Andrew Whitworth – Head of Public Policy, Ripple

Martin Dowdell – Managing Associate, Sidley Austin

Tony Quirke – Founder, The Payments Practice

Morten Neilsen – CFO and Co-Founder, Aryze

Jurjis Borovjs – Chief Technical Officer – Transact365

Tuna Guleryuz – Senior Product Marketing, Arf

Mina Louka – CEO, B2B Payment Solutions

Nilixa Devlukia – Founder, Payments Solved

Amarjit Singh – Assurance Blockchain Leader, EY

Nick Beesley – Senior Partner, EY

Sean Forward – General Manager UK, Payabl

Stuart Davis – Associate, Latham Watkins